Summer Break

Our small and all volunteer Forum and non-profit has decided to take a short hiatus to be with our families for a few weeks. We will continue to prepare and soon return with new Forum presentations on a variety of topics. If you have not done so already, sign up and we will notify you of upcoming events.

Beth Shapiro
David Freed
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Charlotte Landreau
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Meaghan Brosnan

About The Saint Helena Forum

You have viewed at least one of our Virtual Forums, yet few of you know about our non-profit organization.  It might be useful to give you a little  background. 


The small town of Saint Helena is in the center of the world renown Napa Valley wine region. Many if not most of our Forum supporters have a tie to the wine industry and that industry has important ties to the world at large.  As asorbing wine growing is as an endeavor, we are aware there is a world beyond us to explore. So, to further inform, entertain, and inspire our community, the Saint Helena Forum was borne as an educational non-profit.


For our first event, in 2020, we planned a three-day forum to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Women’s Suffrage. Our forum, Gender Matters: A 20/20 Vision for an Inclusive Future, unfortunately, was not to be.  A couple weeks before that event, which included 10 wonderful speakers from across the U.S. and Canada, we were forced to cancel due to newly imposed Covid restrictions on gatherings in California. We were devastated but were hopeful it would soon pass.


It took us a few months to realize that Covid and the risks of live events would be with us indefinitely. We shifted direction a bit a put our toe into the pool of webcasts.  What topics might be interesting to explore? It has been a learning experience, but its reception by a wider community than we ever imagined has been especially surprising and rewarding. Several thousand individuals from over 70 countries have viewed our webcasts.  Your encouragement and support have meant a great deal to us.


After a couple month break, we will come back with a new set of forums.  If you have suggestions or topics of interest or know of individuals who might make an interesting interview, please drop us a note. We would love to hear from you. Be sure to sign up for notifications on our website. We will protect your shared information.


We look forward to you joining us again soon.


The Saint Helena Forum

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