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Alexandra Cousteau  President & Co-founder Oceans 50

Alexandra's advocacy for oceans started at 8-years old when she gathered signatures for her grandfather's petition to save Antarctica. Since then, she has always been involved in ocean conservation—whether advocating for the expansion of marine protected areas, educating people about sustainable seafood, conducting deep-sea surveys, rescuing dolphins and manatees, or investigating the impacts of oil spills and agricultural runoff on sensitive coastal zones.

However, through her experiences she started to realize that conservation—the idea that we must protect what we have—was insufficient. If we want to leave a legacy for our children, we must do more than conserve. We must be strategic and relentless in our quest to restore ocean abundance.


With that, Alexandra has committed her life to shaping a new narrative for the ocean. By providing a new solution framework for industry change makers, startups, the next generation of leaders and underserved communities, she helps to unify those who have the ability to see our ocean thriving. Through her organization, Oceans 2050, she and her team of pioneers are on a mission to build a blue commonwealth around a shared vision. 


Meaghan has worked for nearly 15 years to reduce illegal fishing activity around the world, and is an expert in domestic and international fisheries management, compliance, and enforcement. She spent four years at-sea enforcing fisheries law, and served as the deputy chief of the Coast Guard’s Living Marine Resources Enforcement program. Meaghan was also the lead manager of the Pew Charitable Trusts’ End Illegal Fishing Campaign.


Additionally, Meaghan founded Exulans, Inc., a global consultancy providing compliance and enforcement solutions for ocean conservation to governments, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. In these roles, Meaghan has worked in collaboration with senior government leaders and diverse public and private sector organizations in East Africa, Southeast Asia, the Western and Central Pacific, Central America and the United States. Meaghan continues to serve in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, leading a department in the San Francisco Bay area. When she is not nerding out on ocean conservation topics, Meaghan can be found kayaking, hiking or camping with her family.

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