Saint Helena Virtual Forum

When Women Ruled:

Feminine power in Egypt’s Fertile Crescent

 Wednesday July 28, 2021

5:30-6:30 PM PDT

The Webinar is Free, but You Must Register.

For thousands of years, women of power and rule have endured wrath, been dismissed, been removed from history and too seldom been celebrated. While female rulers are exceedingly rare, in ancient Egypt remarkable information has surfaced from archaeological records and hieroglyphic texts that enable their stories to be told.


Nefertiti limestone bust
Seated Statue of Hatshepsut

The webinar is free, so register now and join us for a provocative conversation with renowned professor of Egyptology at UCLA Dr. Kara Cooney, whose specialties include afterlife beliefs, burial preparations, and gender studies. Dr. Cooney will address several of these female power brokers who either ruled Egypt as Queen, as Regent or as King, among them Hatshepsut, Nefretiti, and Cleopatra (pictured above). Dr. Cooney, through the lives of these powerful women and the science of archaeology, looks into the lens of time to further imagine their palace life, and finds a further segue into the society of ancient Egypt and female leadership in society today. Dr. Cooney will be interviewed by museum professional and Saint Helena Forum board member, Peggy Loar.

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