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                  Everyone Has A Story
                              Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler is Professor of Psychology at Olin College of Engineering. Jonathan's work focuses on the relationship between narrative identity development and psychological well-being. He investigates how we make sense of the challenging experiences in our lives and how that meaning-making impacts our sense of self, our well-being, and our life outcomes.
In this work, he uses personal narratives as a vehicle for studying meaning-making and identity development. He has a particular interest in the experience of illness, disability, and healing. He is currently working on several research projects that focus on related issues of identity development and psychological well-being.
In addition to his research, Jonathan is deeply engaged in helping others shape and share their stories. He has directed more than a dozen plays at a variety of institutions, crafts scripts, collaborates on running an annual story slam, and teaches courses that combine psychological science with theater or storytelling to create fully-staged productions. His work is united by its focus on the importance of personal stories for well-being.
Dr. Adler is also the Chief Academic Officer at Health Story Collaborative, where he helps run programs that support medical patients and medical providers in telling their stories of illness and healing.
Dr. Adler’s Academic background:
  • Ph.D., Clinical and Personality Psychology, Northwestern University
  • M.S., Clinical Psychology, Northwestern University
  • B.A., Psychology, Bates College
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