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                  Moments in Movement
Xin Ying

XIN YING (Principal) joined the Martha Graham Company in 2011 and performs lead roles in Cave of the Heart, Chronicle, Diversion of Angels, Clytemnestra, Woodland and I Used To Love You, among others. In 2008 she received the China Dance Lotus Award. She was the director of the Dance Department at Sichuan College of Arts & Culture and a guest teacher at the Graham School, the Beijing Dance Academy and Nanjing University of Arts. She was awarded a full scholarship to the Graham School, and was a member of Graham 2.


The fearlessly radiant Xin Ying is every bit as tough as the Graham heroines she embodies


Ying dances everywhere, her boundless energy cannot be contained to the studio or stage. Even when just walking down the street, Xin Ying often can’t help herself: She can’t sit still, she has to dance. These impromptu expressions hold traces of her early training in Chinese folk and classical dance. A form which she studied growing up in Heilongjiang, a northeastern province of China.

Xin shares her impromptu dance with the world on Instagram, where she documents her life as a scroll through her posts and you can find her improvising on subway platforms and hiking trails; in airports and parking lots; on the streets and sidewalks of Paris, Florence, Shanghai, New York, and other cities around the world.

You will want to follow this link to Instagram to see the extent of her creativity and energy. 

Xin Ying Instagram

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