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Upcoming Forum with Dr. Nora Volkow

Recent Discoveries May Lead to New Avenues of Treatment

A breakthrough study sponsored by the NIH revealed there are shared genetic markers that underly substance use disorders. These new findings offer a road to more effective prevention and treatment strategies for multiple substance use disorders.

       Dr. Nora Volkow

 The Saint Helena Forum hopes to draw light to this underreported and important development. We have invited Dr. Nora Volkow to the forum.


Dr. Volkow is currently the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at NIH, which oversees most of the world’s research on drug abuse and addiction. Dr. Volkow is a world leader in the neurobiology of diseases of reward and self-control such as addiction and obesity.

Dr. Volkow was born in Mexico City, the daughter of a fashion designer and a pharmaceutical chemist. Her father, the chemist, had come to Mexico as a boy with his grandfather Leon Trotsky, the Bolshevik leader expelled from the Soviet Union by Stalin. She lived in Mexico City until she completed medical school and while training as a psychiatrist in New York City, she started doing research with brain imaging technologies to study how drugs affect the human brain

Dr. Volkow will be interviewed by Dr. Betsy Bates Freed

Dr. Bates Freed worked for more than 25 years as a daily newspaper reporter and editor. She contributed to numerous books on “health and wellness” and served as Medical Correspondent and Bureau Chief, for the International Medical News Group. In a midlife career shift, Betsy earned her Masters and Doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from Antioch University and now has a clinical practice focusing on patients and families as they manage illnesses such as cancer, neuromuscular diseases, and dementia. Betsy also teaches psychology at the graduate level and is currently writing a book for therapists, about working with families of dementia patients.

Dr. Betsy Bates Freed

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