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Deep Sea Mining: Much To Gain...Much To Lose.

The Metals Company

The Metals Company was founded in 2011 as DeepGreen Metals. In 2021, in order to scale nodule collecting and onshore processing systems, we became a public company (Nasdaq: TMC).

We produce metals from polymetallic rocks to power electric vehicles. For over a decade, we’ve been exploring the planet’s largest known deposit of battery-grade metals: nodules on the seafloor of the Clarion Clipperton Zone in the Pacific Ocean. During this time, our onshore team has developed and successfully run a metallurgical process to derive key battery metals from these remarkable rocks while generating zero solid processing waste.

Our team is made up of scientists, environmentalists, engineers, architects, and business leaders who see the climate crisis as the biggest challenge of our time. Electric vehicles and renewable energy are a key part of the solution, but scaling these technologies will require hundreds of millions of tons of new metals. Polymetallic nodules represent the cleanest source of battery grade metals on the planet and the best path forward.

(Source: TMC the metals company Inc. on 05/22/2024)

Gerard Barron is on a mission to help wean humanity off fossil fuels and transition to a circular resource economy. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of building global companies in battery technology, media and future-oriented resource development both as a chief executive and strategic investor. He became involved in the early strategic development and financing of DeepGreen during its formation in 2011 and stepped into the role of Chairman & CEO in 2017. Gerard is leading The Metals Company’s three-part strategy to first inject a sufficient supply of four virgin metals (Ni, Mn, Co, Cu) into the system to enable the green transition, then track and recycle the four metals that The Metals Company injects, and ultimately work through the rest of the periodic table to circularize the remaining metals. If The Metals Company succeeds, mining virgin ores—whether in land or in the ocean—will become a marginal human activity as we meet most of our metal needs by recycling a shared common stock of metals.

(Source: TMC the metals company Inc. on 05/22/2024)

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